Recording Outgoing RDP Sessions

By arbrahul ·
My requirement is to setup a system which can record all the outgoing RDP sessions from my machine without noticing me. In my case i have 7 pcs from which users will connect to terminal server and from there to other servers. I want to install an agent on all the 7 machines which will record and store the RDP sessions to the TS. The greatest challenge is that i dont have admin access on the TS and cannot install anything in TS. I know it is possible to install applications on TS which can record all the incoming sessions to it. In my case it is not possible and i have to record the out going connections from the clients. One more thing is that i want the sessions from these 7 machines only. No need of the other sessions connected from the other machines. Hope i have described it very well. Request your help to achieve this... (All machines are in Windows Platform)

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One thing I'd like to know...

by Aaron Mason In reply to Recording Outgoing RDP Se ...

Will the users of these computers be aware that this is happening? Because I (and I'm sure anybody else here) will be quite reluctant to give advice if it'll be used to monitor employees without their knowledge.

On top of this, will management have access to these session recordings at any time without needing to get the employee's consent?

Systems like this carry many implications in terms of security and privacy and it looks to me like these issues haven't been adequately explored.

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Why we are trying to implement this...

by arbrahul In reply to One thing I'd like to kno ...

First of all thanks for your reply..

Why we are making this arrangement, The terminal server has been accessed by more than 50 people perday from their own workstations. This is a critical terminal server and we want to monitor our teams activity only and planning to install the 'setup' in my teams machines ie. 7 PCS. So that it will record the sessions from my team mates PCS if anything goes wrong we can say that we havent done any thing bad during that time and we can show the management that we have done the tese tasks and have recorded everything. This is not to break the security or privacy in any means. But each of my team member wants to show what they have at what time. This requirement has been araised by the management only and everyone agreed to that but we dont have any mechanism to do this. Kindly help us to make a setup.. Thank you once again for replying...


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As long as everything's above board...

by Aaron Mason In reply to Why we are trying to impl ...

... there are two ways you could go about this without installing anything on the TS.

One is to sniff the traffic going out and record the data that you get. You could do this with something like Wireshark, though a custom software program would be needed to interpret the results.

The other is to set up a broker server which relays data between the TS and the client, but records data that passes through. The server could support people logging in and accessing previous sessions. This would require a custom software solution, if an existing solution doesn't already exist.

My quick searching hasn't turned up anything in either category, so you'd be going down a custom software route anyway.

Hope this helps somewhat.

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by arbrahul In reply to As long as everything's a ...

I will search and find out if any solution exists. I will also Ask the developers to think about a custom solution too.. Thank you very much for the helpful post .. Cheers !!

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