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Records to convert to cds

By madhu ·
how do I convert lps to cds and get rid of the hiss noise

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Records to convert to cds

by TheChas In reply to Records to convert to cds

Start by using an A/D converter card in place of the sound card.
Most sound cards have terrible A/D convertors, the $100 or so for an A/D card is well worth it if "quality" recordings are your goal.

If you don't allready have one, the quality ofthe cartridge, phone preamp, and turntable will also affect the overall sound quality of your transfers.

There are numerous software packages out there to help record, and clean-up the audio from your LPs.

Remove any spaces from the pasted links.

One of my local CD dealers offers a service of LP to CD transfer for items not available on CD.
They use Garage 'A Records for supplies.
I believe they are using "liquid Audio" for their transfer software.

Remember, a large portion of the cost difference between a home audio CD recorder and a PC CR-RW drive is the A/D circuitry for converting audio to Digital.


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