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By zeejaywild ·
I recently had a hard drive that was giving me complications, so I decided to format, but before doing that, I took off all the pictures that were deemed important and thought everything was alright, but after formatting, I realized I had not backup my documents (xls,doc etc).
I'm wondering now if there is any way for me to get these files back, because they are very important and vital. I've tried the paid version of power data recovery, but it only gave me corrupted files and stated that I not have the permission to open the files. Currently, I'm running Pc Inspector, GetDataBack and Easeus Data Recovery Wizard, hoping that one of them will turn something up for me. Do you have any suggestions or procedure I could go through, in order to get some these files back, if not all of them?

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They may be corrupted because your disk is giving you complications

by seanferd In reply to Recover Documents

Have you tested the drive to make sure it isn't dying? If there are a lot of bad sectors, you'll get a lot of bad recovered files. Test with the HDD vendor's test utility, found at the vendor's website.

Other shots at unformatting:

But if the disk is dying, the more you run it, the worse it will likely get. If the docs are important, you may need to check out data recovery services (expensive).

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Well several things to look at here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Recover Documents

But the important thing is that with any Data Recovery Program it needs to be run on a different HDD to the one being scanned to recover Files from. Much more importantly it needs to also have any Data Recovered Saved to a different HDD.

So this HDD should be slaved in a different computer and run there with any recovered files saved to another HDD.

You never write anything to a HDD that you are attempting to Recover Data from.

Now that you have messed with this drive you have made the chances of a successful recovery that much worse not to mention harder and more expensive. What you need to do here is remove the HDD pack it up and send it to a Data Recovery Specialist as you have stated that this is Important Data that you need to recover. This is the only safe way to proceed here as the Data is Important and must be recovered.

However if it would only be Nice to recover the Data you can try a Forensic Recovery program like Win Hex


But this needs to be installed on a different HDD to what it being attempted to be recovered and the Drive that you are attempting to Recover never gets loaded it has to remain a Slave Drive and only read from Never Written to.


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What I have been wondering

by santeewelding In reply to Recover Documents

Is, that it was not so much the drive, but the OS. Why, otherwise, would you format? Formatting a drive that sounds like a cement mixer would sound inappropriate, to me.

If this is so -- being the OS and file system and not the drive -- then I think you have shot yourself in both feet. From here, you will have to crawl.

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