Recover Exchange 2003 Mailbox - One User at multiple backup points

By adrian.miller ·
Here's a bone for you all to chew. I have to investigate the activities of former staff who have had some very liberal activities with their calendar. Now we can confirm a few items that do not match to the Timesheets & Billing.

Thankfully we have monthly backup tapes encompassing everything from our server. There are only 25 staff so it's easy to backup.

What I am trying to do is to restore the calendars from backup tapes for each mailbox EXCEPT I need the calendars from each backup to be separate so we can compare the changes between restoration(backup) dates.

Thing is we are suspicious of entry deletion from the calendar. i.e. we need the calendar for joe blogs from July, August and September to be on a separate window to allow comparison.

Would anyone suggest making up extra mailboxes such as joe-July, joe-August & joe-September then importing from the tapes > restoring somehow then view the calendars together therefore matching them up?

Hopefully if we can restore each calendar and match it up, note down the discrepancies then we are able to spot irregularities then take legal action.

Don't stress about the legal side, this is within our scope and I am only after some technical help. Our lawyer has given approval to ask here

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