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    Recover files affected by ransomware


    by josh celua ·


    So for the last 2 months our server was affected by a cyber attack. Our server is currently inhouse but our domain is hosted by our Government ITC Datacenter. The Government datacenter was hit during a weekend and it had affected our file server. So the only option the IT guys at datacenter gave was to format everything on our server and reinstall windows server 2016 which ended in our files being deleted as well. i have ran a data recovery software on our server and i managed to recover the data, but the thing is all files were corrupted, all files had file extension (zlj4i9). i have been trying for 1 month now to try and recover the corrupted file but was unsuccessful.

    Is there anyway we can recover or decrypt the corrupted files?

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      Tough situation

      by birdmantd ·

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      Even if you pay the “ransom”, there is no guarantee that the crooks will give you access back to your data. This is a tough situation and it is getting worse and more companies are having to deal with this on a daily basis. I don’t know what else can be done to prevent this in the future and only the crooks “can” help now. Any other recovery efforts will likely fail and would be very expensive. Good luck.

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      Isn’t this a lesson about backups?

      by rproffitt ·

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      Companies I know well won’t have this issue since their data is on BACKUPS.

      Not just one backup but a system where there’s backups as in plural and then copies of what they can’t lose on media in a fireproof safe.

      While you know other companies dismiss the idea of backups it appears they need a “see the light” moment or event to learn why we keep backups of what we can’t lose. Don’t let this moment pass without implementing a system of backups so you won’t lose the company or its files.

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      Recover files affected by ransomware

      by cyberhuntersecurit ·

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      Use Data Recovery Applications, and download Antivirus for extra protection. there are lots of free Antivirus online best if you buy the premium one.

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