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Recover files after a format

By jimmy ·
I got home late a few nights ago, and my wife has a laptop from one of her friends that had a dead motherboard. She wanted me to recover any data that I could. Simple enough, it had been running win98, and was not full. I pulled the drive, and stuck it in my system (before getting some sleep so I could think straight) and grabbed my XP cd to load XP to another directory. When the install started there was 1400 MB of unallocated space. Great, I will create a new partion there, and not even touch the old partition. In my sleep deprived, not really paying attention state, I told it to format both partition "NTFS - Quick". Did I mention, OOPS!!
Now I am trying to find suggestions for ways to recover the data from the partition that has been formatted. I have an unused copy of Lost and Found here somewhere, if I can find it. I got it on clearance about a year ago, and thought that it might come in handy sometime, and for $10 bucks, I thought, "What the heck." Other than finding that package, does anyone have any other suggestions???

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by dmiles In reply to Recover files after a for ...

Download "Recover My Files"

If you have a drive separate to the one on which you are searching for lost files, download the installation version and install it there. If you do not have a second storage location you may be able to use another computer to download the executable program file only and place it on a CD, USB or other portable storage media. If you do this the "Help" file can be downloaded separately here.

If you have lost important files you should avoid writing data to the drive on which they were lost. Even though Recover My Files is a very small program (2.2 megabytes) if you are installing it to a drive on which files have been lost it is possible that it could overwrite data that could otherwise have been recovered.

Once you have recovered your lost files, and there is no longer any danger of writing over valuable lost information (however slight), you can download and install the "installation version" to your computer . Recover My Files can then be used directly from the desktop icon like any other program).

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