recover files from formatted hard drive

By Cudmasters Los ·
i have already installed xp on the hard drive that i erased, deleted partition. how can i recover files that were there. i forgor to get outlook express files?


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by seanferd In reply to recover files from format ...

The only thing I would suggest is possibly TestDisk, which you can get on the UBCD.

This is assuming that the OE files have not been overwritten.

Best not to use this drive at all until you attempt recovery. Recover files to a different drive.

If you cannot find them, you are looking at expensive data recovery.

You formatted the drive as NTFS, yes?

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by asuvlumuzi In reply to recover files from format ...

if you have already written files to that same drive that you are going to need a specialist data recovery agent that does hardware-based recovery. Software recovery can only do so little, remember to always back your critical files.

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another option/program

by brian In reply to recover files from format ...

As stated above, software recovery can only do so much and DO NOT use the drive until you have either gotten the files or have given up on getting the files you want. I have had luck in the past using Active@Undelete. I did a deep scan of the drive (took forever), but after searching all files found for *.dbx i was able to pull back a lot, NOT ALL, of the outlook express files. It is a decent program for the price, but be forewarned, the more you use the drive, the less data you may be able to get back. Also, I do not gaurentee that the program will work for you like it did for me, but i do some data recovery on the side and have had a lot of luck with it.

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Well as already mentioned you should stop using this drive immediately

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to recover files from format ...

If you simply must recover these files you need a Forensic Recovery Tool and ideally a Specialist Forensic Recovery Company.

While it's technically possible to recovery 100% of everything that has ever been written to this HDD the reality is that you don't have anywhere near enough money to pay for this type of Recovery. It also results in the destruction of the HDD as the platters need to be removed without dragging the Read Write Heads on them and read in a special machine after being prepared correctly.

I've only ever seen that done for Court Cases where Kiddy Fiddlers or Terrorists where involved though I'm sure that there are others that will pay for a service like that I very much doubt that there are many people willing to pay that type of Money.

If you just want to try to recover these files you need to understand that you do not use this drive and you need Forensic Recovery Software. You also need to understand that this is not the easiest stuff to use and the more that you mess with the drive unsuccessfully the more likely the chances are of destroying everything that you are hoping to recover.

So having said that you can attack this drive with a product like X Ways Forensics from X Way but I need to stress here that it's a very complicated utility and if this data is Important you shouldn't use this as if you make a mistake you will be deleting the data you need to recover.


As this will require a Deep Scan you should also expect to have the computer that this drive gets installed as a Slave to tied up for several days to a week at least running the initial scan. Depending on how difficult/Overwritten the file/s that you want to attempt to recover are it may take considerably longer to recover them once you start that side of the utility running.

Of course you should have the computer performing the scan on a decent sized UPS as if there is a Power Supply Issue you'll need to restart the scan.

You should also factor in a new HDD as by the time you have finished recovering the Data the drive that it is on will most likely have suffered at the very least a Overheat Problem if not considerably more damage which shortens it's life and makes it unreliable at best.

Like said above with any Data Recovery Attempt the drive with the Data on it needs to be fitted as a Slave and Read from Only you save any files to another drive and never write anything to the drive with the Data on it.


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Thanks For Help, Email not staying on host

by Cudmasters Los In reply to Well as already mentioned ...

Thanks for everybody's help. Was my wife's info, used to backing up outlook, totaly forgot she used express. She will get over it some day.

Also, i have never seen when a e-mail app such as outlook or express, gets e-mail from it's host(Comcast), that the host does not keep a copy. i didn't believe her when she first told me.


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in OE

by brian In reply to Thanks For Help, Email no ...

in outlook express you need to tell it (as in outlook) to keep a copy of the messages on the server. this can be found in the account settings for the oe profile. just a tip for the future (keep in mind though that eventually the provider may delete the e-mails).

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I don't remember which way it goes per client,

by seanferd In reply to in OE

but I seem to recall that the default is to leave a copy on the server. Something I always turn off.

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I think you'll find in OE

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I don't remember which wa ...

It's default is to remove the messages from the server and in Outlook it's default is to leave messages on the server.

Of course here with an ISP involved they do have a size limit to Mail Boxes so that may very well cause issues depending on how they work things.


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Thank You

by Cudmasters Los In reply to I think you'll find in OE

Thanks for the help!!!

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank You

We try to confuse.

Col :^0

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