Recover Hard Disk

By mahakaal1 ·

My Samsung SATA HDD has bad sectors on active partition.It as 3 more logical partitions.

I was able to format the currupted partition.
And also used Partition Table Doctor to rebuild partition table and MBR.It showed rebuild successfully.
But the drive is still not detected when i tried installing XP on it.It says 'invalid disk'.

Then tried booting from another HDD(parallel port) with Win2k on it,it starts but does not detect the currupted HDD.

How can i atleast recover the remaining 3 partitions of my SATA HDD.


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Tried installing XP on it.It says 'invalid disk'. You need SATA drivers

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Recover Hard Disk

This is where you need your SATA drivers so that you can install your operating system.
Load on your MOTHERBOARD driver disk and then select the 32bit raid driver, then put in a floppy and then click on the 32bit version so that it writes to the floppy. When finished just eject the floppy but keep it near. Now reboot your computer with the Windows disk in the CD/DVD drive, and just follow the instructions. When you see "Press F6 For third party drivers", press the F6 key on your keyboard, now put in the floppy that you made earlier into the floppy drive and press ENTER key on your keyboard, now the Windows system drivers will load on the SATA drivers and it should load fine from here on.

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Boot off a Live Linux Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Recover Hard Disk

And see if you can now see any of the partitions.


You should also test the HDD with it's makers Testing utility so you'll need to visit the Samsung Web Site and download the HDD Diagnostic Utility it's called HUTIL.


If it fails the test remove it place into another computer and retest. If it still fails the test the HDD is dead and needs replacing but if it passes the second test either the Data Lead, Power Lead/Supply or M'Board is faulty and needs replacing.


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