Recover Internet Explorer Options password, WinXp

By jdclyde ·
Hi all, have a friend who wanted to set the internet options to block out porn (has a "curious" son) but their was already a pass on this and she doesn't know what it is. (home user, her personal computer, trying to restrict her 14 year old son)

Need to reset the pass so we can block the porn access, feel free to peer me a reply if you don't feel comfortable in posting a "hack" on the open forum.

Also interested in other suggestions on how to restrict the internet on this system. She does not have a router (yet, but working on that. single mom, very limited income).

I realize IE settings won't stop FF or chrome, so looking to find a way to restrict this. For now she is going to physically take the Ethernet cable with her when she goes to work, but everyone knows the kid only needs $10 to resolve that issue quickly.

Looked at software but the nanny stuff I have seen starts at around $40. Would rather avoid that as a solution if possible.

Thanks all.


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Hesitated but

by IC-IT In reply to Recover Internet Explorer ...

she is in the system and any sharp kid could find the answer, so;

Perhaps a blacklist for part two? Free Composite Edition 20.

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Don't know if blacklist will help or not

by jdclyde In reply to Hesitated but

don't know enough about what is going on to know if he has specific sites he goes to or just randomly finds it.

Looking at the link, I did just do a virus recovery, and it is possible THAT damaged the password file?

Thanks, will give this a shot.

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Glad to hear you got it

by IC-IT In reply to Don't know if blacklist w ...

and Thanks for the Thumb. It has been one of THOSE days, busy as crap.
Job security, I guess. :-)

I like Ron's suggestion too.

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OpenDNS provides content filtering. It's free.

by Ron K. In reply to Recover Internet Explorer ... <br>
Here's an example filtering screenshot: <br>
If you have a dynamic IP address you can get their client-side OpenDNS updater software.

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Gets a vote from me as well.

by seanferd In reply to OpenDNS provides content ...

As usual, though, admin privileges on the PC and router will defeat OpenDNS filtering (and 10 million other things).

Forum support is very good, if needed.

If this person does get a router, certain Netgear routers have OpenDNS capabilities integrated into the Live Parental Controls package.
(supported routers
(LPC main)

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OpenDNS has a list of routers.

by Ron K. In reply to Gets a vote from me as we ...

They have step-by-step instructions for various models but even so there's nothing to stop someone from going straight from the modem to the computer so the NIC would have to be setup to use OpenDNS servers too.<br>
Seems to me that a limited account can't change NIC settings; I haven't looked. Even if they can it's possible to use Fresh Devices FreshUI to remove a user's ability to even see the Control Panel. I've never done that either but it seems that I saw a setting in there for it. I believe you can either hide the Control Panel entirely or pick and choose what you want to hide and password protect settings. <br>
I did a thing a few years ago where I hid the Administrator's login entirely. I'd have to look that up again. My Dell is still setup that way though it does have another administrator's account, for convenience. Instructions on how to do that are probably in some obscure document or link here somewhere. It should be easy to use Google to find directions. <br>

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Could try K9

by .Martin. In reply to Recover Internet Explorer ...

which is considered one of the more popular filters, and is free for home use

also offers the feature of a log, to show what content has been blocked

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Second That

by willcomp In reply to Could try K9

I've installed K9 on a number of PCs -- including at a private elementary school -- and it works very well. It can be bypassed by resetting winsock (clearing LSPs) but it's obvious when that has occurred.

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