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recover offline files

By franciscofuenzalida ·
Yesterday I received back an user's notebook which was traveling for last 4 months. Meanwhile we had to install a Windows 2003 from scratch (the original machine died after an electrical short circuit) and with some data lost. In conclusion: we must to recover the offline files from the notebook to put them back on the server (it's a very important research data). Any help will appreciated, we're completely lost in this huge issue.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to recover offline files

Maybe some forensic software is what you looking for

There was a TR question about this a few moths back browse through and have a look it might have an alternative answer.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to recover offline files

If the drive is still running you can fit it to a USB Caddy and try reading it from there you may need to take ownership of the files but that's easy to do by following the directions here;en-us;308421

If you can not read any data off the Drive then some Data Recovery Software is available and depending on just how necessary these files are you can pay from very little to quite a lot for the software the Best is the On Track Easy Recovery as it will rebuild the HDD and it's the fastest that I've used though it's also the most expensive as well, but you can have a look at these sites and see which suits you best

If you are not totally Familiar with HEX DO NOT use the Win Hex option use the product called Davory.

If the drive is DOA you're only option is to send it off to a Data Recovery House and get them to recover the Data but this isn't cheap and depending on how badly it has been damaged this can be very expensive to get the Data off the drive. But on the up side they will do it quickly and get the data returned to you generally within a couple of days of receiving the broken HDD.


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by franciscofuenzalida In reply to recover offline files

Thanks to NZ_Justice and HAL 9000; the solutions you gave me are to recover lost files or disks. The issue here is to recover the offline files from a full operational notebook. I know the files are in the C:\WINDOWS\CLC folder, but I can't identify properly them because the files names means "nothing". In fact my request is how can I identify the files to copy them to another folder with its proper name and folder structure.
Thanks anyway!!!

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I am having the same problem!

by mellissa_wright In reply to

Except, on our Windows 2000 Pro machines, we don't have C:\Windows, we have C:\WINNT. And there's no CLC folder.

Logged into the machine as a local admin and browsing/trying to copy the Offline Files from Start -> Synchronize -> [Profile] Properties, I'm getting a "Cannot Copy File: Cannot read from the source file or disk"

The HDD passes diagnostic.

I can take it back to the user and have him log on again to be SURE that the cached files are synchronizing without errors, but since I'm already pulling non-cached files from the HDD and saving them on an external drive (before a re-image), it seems that I shouldn't have to take it back to him for synchronization.

It seems wrong to me that I can't just manually copy them.


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by VinnyD In reply to recover offline files

Offline files are just copies that get transferred from the server folder to the local hard drive.

Thats so the user can use those files when away from the server.

Why not just boot the notebook offline and copy the files from the offline folder to a usb memory stick or cd-rw drive and then copy them back onto the server.

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Offline files recovery

by anaci In reply to recover offline files

hi, we had the same scenario, I used a tool caled csccmd, it has a extract option which has been working very well for us up to now. Make sure the version is 1.1 though, the downloadable exe from MS site is only 1.0 and doesn't support the extract command.

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How about

by alexiszcenidoza In reply to Offline files recovery

Hi, i already re initialied an offline file which wiped all the cached files but unfortunately, there is still important files that i badly needed, hope somebosy can help me with this.

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