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    Recover Outlook Express corrupt Inbox


    by w0qj ·


    Would appreciate your advise on how to recover my Outlook Express 5.0’s inbox.dbx file which seem corrupted (1MB in size & shows up on outlook express folder list but contents of which is empty).

    using norton disk doctor it said that the inbox.dbx file had a file allocation error.

    think this file was corrupted while the OE5 was receiving e-mail & the whole computer froze on me (had to press reset button).

    already tried my win’98se:
    accessories==>system-tools==>system-information & tools==>internet-repair-tool (used “repair internet explorer”) but to no avail.

    did not try to repair the “disk allocation error” on the inbox.dbx file using norton disk doctor for fear of further permanent data loss should another utility/method can recover this.

    would appreciate your help!

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      Recover Outlook Express Inbox

      by veetz ·

      In reply to Recover Outlook Express corrupt Inbox

      This extremely difficult to do. You need to convert all your E-Mail in the messages.ods file to dbx files. Then you could view these files if you can read the titles of the E-Mail messages. But it is very likely that you will not be able to read themessages like a book. But the messages will be saved.

      Then you can go into the Registry and delete the CONVERTEDTODBX value.

      You then may be able to open your inbox and read your messages. However, if there is a corrupted file in your InBox, then you must delete it completely. After doing so, you will be able to go into the Outlook Express application routinely. But there is no other way to resolve this issue.


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        by pacrim ·

        In reply to Recover Outlook Express Inbox

        Does this fix apply to OE6? I cannot find a “messages.ods” file – and if I could, how do I convert it to dba files?

        Thanks J

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