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Recover/repair corrupt WordPerfect file

By misscrf ·
We are using Corel WordPerfect 9. OK I'm not, a user is. That sounds better. lol
Anyway, my boss gave me this corrupt file, and I cannot get it recovered. I open the file and It shows the first page, but then a message comes up that says insufficient memory. OK is the only option, and then wordperfect crashes. IF you insert the file in word, it only shows like the first page and start of second. I found a word perfect utility WP file look. It tried to repair it, but doesnt work. The only difference now, is that when you try to insert the file into word ( insert/file) word crashes too.
Anyone that can help, this would be great!
I already know we won't pay for a service to fix this, so it won't help unless it is free.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Recover/repair corrupt Wo ...

WordPefect Corrupt File Troubleshooter

Analyze and repair, Wordperfect files,wpd,wpt,dat,WordPerfect document,Wordperfect Template,Wordperfect Merge, WordPerfect Macro, fix corrupt file, corrupt documents, corrupt templates, corrupt merge, corrupt wpd.

This is a "5 STAR" FREEware downlaod.

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by maxwell edison In reply to

Another option:

WPLOOK - WordPerfect Document Corruption Utility.

WPLOOK.exe is a a stand alone program that fixes corrupted WordPerfect documents.

It was created by WordPerfect Engineers to help fix and analyze corrupt documents.

The following is only a brief outline of how to use WPLOOK there are many more uses of this great little tool. No WordPerfect shop should be with out it.

WPLook will fix most corruption that appears in WordPerfect documents.

It removes unused styles which cause corruption and file bloat.

To use WPLOOK simply download it and save it to a desired file.

1. Double click on WPLook.exe to launch it.

2. Click on File/Open once WPLook launches.

3. Navigate to the suspected corrupt WordPerfect file and open it.

4. WPLook will automatically detect if there is corruption in the file and report it.

5. To repair the document, click on Repair.

6. Follow the prompts and WordPerfect will repair the document.


Repeat the Repair process at least 3 times per document to ensure that all corruption is fixed. Not all corruption is caught the first time it repairs the document.

To remove file bloat, check the Remove Unused Styles checkbox

Free download link:

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by maxwell edison In reply to

Continued from above.....

Here's an excellent article on using WPLook.

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by misscrf In reply to

I wish I could accept this, because you gave me some great suggestions, but I have already tried both of these. Unfortunately they did not work. Any others?

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by misscrf In reply to Recover/repair corrupt Wo ...

I did find one thing out. The troubleshooter you suggested, is hung, so that sucks. Anyway, it did indicate that the file is from WordPerfect 6.0. Is there any way to get a copy of 6.0 from someone to recover this? I wonder if it might help.

I have heard that with WordPerfect earlier versions are good for recovering corrupt files.

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by willcomp In reply to Recover/repair corrupt Wo ...

Try opening file with an ASCII text editor. Although you will lose formatting, may be able to retrieve text if file is not too corrupt.

There are numerous free text editors available.


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by misscrf In reply to

nope, sorry. Didn't work.

This question is not for the faint. I have tried everything!

WordPerfect 6.1 crashes with a module SHWINB20.DLL error.

WordPerfect 12 crashes.

The best I have gotten is version 12 Quattro pro to open it which shows the whole document but as text only. I copy and pasted to word. Our issue at this point, is that the user ( who is considered the customer to us) is very unhappy and wants the whole thing recoverd with formatting.

and we keep trying...

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by misscrf In reply to Recover/repair corrupt Wo ...

this question is a hard one, so I am raising the points...

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by willcomp In reply to Recover/repair corrupt Wo ...

Try opening in Word as RTF. It that works, will preserve most formatting.

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by misscrf In reply to

But I cant get it to open in word at all. If I can, it only shows first page...

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