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Recover Win 2K Cluster Server to PC

By bcapella ·
I have a realy big problem and would appreciate any infomration anyone could provide.

My company has a Windows 2000 Advanced Server Clustered system running. They are 2 HP servers with a connected RAID drive. Currently the primary domain controller and the shared RAID storage are being backed up by CA Brightstor onto a tape backup.

Is there a way to recover the server to a PC with this backup we have. When we try it we get many errors. The Active directory isn't functional and many ofthe services won't work. If anyone could point me to some documantation or offer info I would grately appreciate it.
Thank you
Bill capella

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It depends

by timwalsh In reply to Recover Win 2K Cluster Se ...

That's really the only short answer anyone is going to be able to give you.

There are too many issues involved here to give you any type of definitive answer.

The primary issues are hardware and configuration related.

First, ALL the software is configured to run on a given set of hardware (with the appropriate drivers). You are trying to restore to a system that has a completely different set of hardware. Frankly, I'm surprised the PC evn booted after the restore process.

Configuraton-wise, the restored software is looking for the system it was backed up from and not finding anything familiar. It system is essentially throwing up its hands and giving up because it doesn't know how to proceed.

When attempting to restore a system, you need to at least restore to a computer with a similar hardware configuration (same manufacturer, or at least the same motherboard chipsets). Restoring to a completely foreign PC will normally allow you to recover irreplaceable data. It usually will NOT allow you to pick up where you left off and continue operations without some MASSIVE reconfiguration.

While this won't answer all your questions, I hope it helps some.

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