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recover windows files

By black_phoenix_07 ·
i tried to install linux on my computer and it deleted my windows that i had been using previously. is there anyway i can get back into the drive and find a few files that i need? thank you so much

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by TheChas In reply to recover windows files

If you deleted the NTFS or FAT 32 partition and created a new partition to install Linux, the short answer is:
Not at a reasonable cost.

If you formatted the hard drive but kept the partition structure the same, there is limited hope.

You can attempt to use deleted file and disk recovery utilities like Spin-Rite. I would estimate you have about a 2% chance of any file recovery.

If the files are worth a LOT to you, one of the drive recovery firms "might" be able to recover some files. Figure on spending upwards of $1000 if the drive has been re-partitioned.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,


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by black_phoenix_07 In reply to

thanx for the help. i've been told the same by a few friends of mine and my teacher. thanx for the help tho.

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by black_phoenix_07 In reply to recover windows files

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