recover yahoo chat

By abdulraufwithu ·
i have hp laptop i want to recover my four years previous chatting data and video confrecing.what can i do.

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to recover yahoo chat

Recovery is possible if and only if you have enabled saving your sessions in yahoo chat. AND getting four years data may be difficult.

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As stated above you need to have changed the settings to Save

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to recover yahoo chat

If you haven't then there is nothing to recover.

If you have what is required is a Full Forensic Recovery where the HDD is dismantled the Platters coated with a Special Coating and then the Platters after drying are inserted into a Special Machine and every Bit of Data every written to them is read from them and saved to something.

Unfortunately the only places that I know who do this are Specialist Court Appointed Recovery Agents who quite rightly provide Documented Proof of what they have recovered along with Time Stamps for Individual Files and it's quite Expensive. Though Personally I have dealt with this type of Data in the past I have no idea of the costs involved in getting it but I wouldn't expect much if any change out of a $1,000,000 AU as I have some small idea of just how much time and effort is involved in getting it, not to mention the costs of the machinery involved.


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