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Recover your product key(s).

When you install a retail copy of Windows, the product key gets filed away, usually never to be seen again But you might need to retrieve the product key at some point If you have Windows Vista installed on multiple computers in your home or office, for example, you might lose track of which product key goes with which computer, resulting in confusion and hassle if you need to reinstall Windows Vista, or if you retire a computer and want to transfer its copy of Windows to a new computer To find out which product key is in use on a given computer, we recommend a wonderful freeware utility called Keyfinder
( This application displays the product keys that were used to install any version of Windows or Microsoft Office on a computer. Also any activation key(s) from software that you have, a very good program. Please click on the link below for your copy.

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Well look here, a preemptive answer!

by seanferd In reply to Recover your product key( ...

Now we just need to get the folks asking the questions to do searches. For those who do search, they should be able to find your suggestion most easily.

edit: I'd give you a Thumb here if I could.

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Keyfinder is hardly new but I don't see a need for it as stated here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Recover your product key( ...

Well as far as any form of Windows is concerned as they all have a COA on the case so the product key isn't hard to find at all.

The only time that you will not have a Product Key on the COA is with either an Upgrade which shouldn't happen in business or with a Volume License copy of Windows. With a Volume License the Business has this Product Key on Correspondence supplied by M$.

Now when it comes to Domestic Installations of Office things are different as way too many people loose the Product Key supplied by M$ because they throw it away while carefully looking after the actual Disc's.


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MCA FEE product key

by sandy0514 In reply to Recover your product key( ...

i bought a mca fee anti-virus cd.i have lost it.
i got a subscription of 15 months .but unfortunately i have lost it in 1 month .
i want to retrive it .where can i get it .
can it be available in the files installed in it.
thanking you.

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