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    recovering a corrupted partition table


    by chaos buddha ·

    I had Win XP on C: & Suse10.1 on the same disc
    I accidently formatted C: & now I have a HDD with a corrupt partition

    Now wen I install(attempt to) any other OS… The installation simply

    restarts after the first reboot…
    Tried formatting the C: of this HDD by connecting it in slave with

    another & then using a DM to do a format; but this does not solve the

    Plzz gimme advice as to how to recover from the situation…Also

    suggest a safe mechanism to keep multiple OSes on same HDD.
    See ya later… 😉

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      by chaos buddha ·

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      by jmil ·

      In reply to recovering a corrupted partition table

      firstly put only this disk inside and disconnect all others.

      try using a partitioning utility like partition magic on a bootable cd and boot from there the pc and delte all partitions on this drive(assuming that you are not interested on data inside it).
      Then create 2 partitions on it.
      Format just the first one as ntfs the other one leave it unformated for the second O/S (like linux for ex)
      Apply changes…
      Reboot with your windows cd and start installing.
      When you finish reconnect all the other hard disks.

      For bootable cd i would recommend finding “Ultimate Recovery CD”.

      Good luck!

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