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recovering a corrupted partition table

By chaos buddha ·
I had Win XP on C: & Suse10.1 on the same disc
I accidently formatted C: & now I have a HDD with a corrupt partition

Now wen I install(attempt to) any other OS... The installation simply

restarts after the first reboot...
Tried formatting the C: of this HDD by connecting it in slave with

another & then using a DM to do a format; but this does not solve the

Plzz gimme advice as to how to recover from the situation...Also

suggest a safe mechanism to keep multiple OSes on same HDD.
See ya later...

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Sounds like the master boot record is corrupted on HD

by Why Me Worry? In reply to recovering a corrupted pa ...

Anyhow, your best bet would be to **** everything away on the hard disk and reinstall Windows XP on it

If you want to run multiple operating systems, I STRONGLY suggest you download VMWare or MS Virtual PC and run the other OS as a virtual machine. You won't be corrupting your hard drive with multiple partitions this way because each VM is actually a file on your hard drive that constitutes the entire OS instead of being another partition on your hard disk.

Trust me, it's safer to do with VM because I had the same problem you were having trying to get multiple operating systems running on the same hard disk under multiple partitions.

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How to setup Linux on VMware/MS VPC

by chaos buddha In reply to Sounds like the master bo ...

Hi!! I haven't used these softwarez b4, cud u kindly tell me more about setting up an OS on VMWare...

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