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    recovering a corrupted partition table


    by chaos buddha ·

    I had Win XP on C: & Suse10.1 on the same disc
    I accidently formatted C: & now I have a HDD with a corrupt partition

    Now wen I install(attempt to) any other OS… The installation simply

    restarts after the first reboot…
    Tried formatting the C: of this HDD by connecting it in slave with

    another & then using a DM to do a format; but this does not solve the

    Plzz gimme advice as to how to recover from the situation…Also

    suggest a safe mechanism to keep multiple OSes on same HDD.
    See ya later… 😉

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      by chaos buddha ·

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      Sounds like the master boot record is corrupted on HD

      by why me worry? ·

      In reply to recovering a corrupted partition table

      Anyhow, your best bet would be to blow everything away on the hard disk and reinstall Windows XP on it

      If you want to run multiple operating systems, I STRONGLY suggest you download VMWare or MS Virtual PC and run the other OS as a virtual machine. You won’t be corrupting your hard drive with multiple partitions this way because each VM is actually a file on your hard drive that constitutes the entire OS instead of being another partition on your hard disk.

      Trust me, it’s safer to do with VM because I had the same problem you were having trying to get multiple operating systems running on the same hard disk under multiple partitions.

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