Recovering an xp home edition

By zantebob ·
Am looking for a way to completely wiping my (D:) drive,I cannot Burn due to no space,ie;free space 5.71GB,Total space:89.0GB,have tried my comp Format,no joy,Have 3 folders in docs & settings when trying to delete just get "access is denied",have used folder options,and in view clicked "show hidden files"Have used all types of scanning options,av`s as`s anti rootkits,If thier is a way of deleting all in my (D:) drive,and starting afresh,would be more than appreciative,at moment at wits end,so Please Please any help would be better than the fumbling am going through at the moment.Thankyou bob

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Let's start with the basics first ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Recovering an xp home edi ...

What make and model of computer do you have?

If you are getting "Access Denied" there is every likelihood that you do not have Administrative Privileges and shouldn't be deleting things willy-nilly - by clicking on "Show hidden files" you run a very grave risk of deleting SYSTEM FILES which won't appear to have any effect, UNTIL YOU NEXT BOOT THE COMPUTER!

At which point it WON'T BOOT! - Because you deleted some Boot Files when you were freeing up space.


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In addition

by seanferd In reply to Recovering an xp home edi ...

freeing up space should not require formatting - this will wipe your drive!

Formatting does not mean deleting files, but they will be gone as a result of formatting.

The folders in docs&settings are probably the files absolutely required to boot Windows, and are protected and in use.

Just delete some of your personal files which you are not using.

You can format the \ drive, but if your docs&settings reside there, this will render XP unbootable & unusable.

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