Recovering data from after market internal hard drive

By gatorseandc ·
I previously installed an internal hard drive to my desktop running WinXP. The computer crashed and is unbootable.

What I want to do is to transfer the data from that hard drive to my laptop running Vista. I bought an aluminum enlcosure for the 3.5 internal hard drive and connected it via USB to my laptop.

The drive is recognized in explorer but I get a meesage stating that the drive needs to be formatted before I do anything else.

I obviously dont want to do this as my data will be lost. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like data corruption

by Langlier In reply to Recovering data from afte ...

You'll likely need a commercial application such as Recovery Manager to recover the data off of the hard drive. There are also data recovery places and freeware applications(data recovery can be expensive, the freeware applications are seldom worth trying in a case like yours)

If it is assigning the hard drive a letter you can chkdsk it as well. Chkdsk has about a 50-50 shot of restoring the drive to readable.

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Thank you

by gatorseandc In reply to Sounds like data corrupti ...

Thank you Langlier,

It is assigning the drive a letter. How do I run chkdisk on it?

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easy enough

by Langlier In reply to Thank you

open a command prompt (Start --> Run --> cmd)

type in chkdsk (drive letter) /r/f

and let her go

itll report to you if it fixes anything.

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by gatorseandc In reply to Sounds like data corrupti ...

I will try that as soon as I get home. Thank you again.


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I hope this isn't TOO LATE

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Great

But do nothing at all. The problem here is likely to be Vista which doesn't read drives that it was not installed onto. So if you can connect this drive to another XP Computer you are likely to be able to recover your date easily and at little cost and only a slight amount of time taken.

However if you attempt to make Vista read this drive you are going to need some High End Data Recovery Software to recover your data.

If you had this drive Password Protected under XP you'll need to Take Ownership of the Files by following the directions here

If you had XP Pro and Windows Encrypted File System running you'll need to save a copy of the encryption key by following the directions here

Now what I'm not sure of is that the EFS System for Windows XP is compatible with Vista so what you'll most likely need to do if you where using EFS is to use a XP Pro Computer and copy the Encryption Key to it and then copy off your data in a Unencrypted format and then over a LAN transfer it to your Vista Computer.

Do Not Attempt to recover your XP Data on anything but a XP Computer as a Vista Loaded Computer will not read a XP Drive!


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