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Recovering data off a corrupt HDD

By musicronny ·

Here goes my first post.

My Compaq Pressario R3200 laptop crashed with a BSD and the statement:UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME over the weekend. I have been having trouble with the power just cutting out and not having a battery installed it just turns off. After numerous failed attempts at rebooting it with and without the recovery CD I decided to call up mastercare, my support company. Now they can fix or replace my laptop but cannot guarantee that they can save my files on the Hard drive (Win XP). I really need to save these files.

To save my files they suggested I get a USB enclosure and save my files onto another PC before sending it in to them. So I purchased a 'Pluscom 2.5" IDE/SATA TO USB 2.0 Enclosure'

I installed my Compaq HDD into the enclosure and plugged it into another laptop running Vista. It found it ok and installed the drivers but then froze, saying 'not responding'. Then a box appeared saying ' windows explorer not responding'. When I unplugged it the system went ok again and the box dissapeared. This also happened when I tried it on a desktop PC running Win XP.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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to be honest

by jck In reply to Recovering data off a cor ...

Your best bet of recovering the data is high cost, which is sending it to a firm that will put the platters on a machine and read the data off for you.

It sounds like you are having some serious hardware failures in the drive.

If it's really critical, you might have to pay over US$1000 to get that data. But if the data is worth it, then you'd be best to bite the bullet and pay the price to get your unreplaceable information.

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Failing HDD

by rick.c.williams In reply to Recovering data off a cor ...

When the host system freezes on your failing hard drive that you have slaved, if has found a bad spot and that data bit is unreadable, sometimes you can skip that particular file and move on to the next file, sometimes this might be a string of files.

Recover what you deem most important/valuable first if you want to risk it! otherwise send it in to have the data extracted, but it will cost a lot of cash!

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by musicronny In reply to Recovering data off a cor ...

I sorted this problem by buying a 'laptop IDE converter cable / 2.5" to 3.5", and installing my compaq laptop HDD into a desktop PC running WIN XP. I then booted from the recovery CD and run CHKDSK /r. When I restarted all was fine and I transfered my files. The HDD works in the enclosure aswell.

Cheers for the help.

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If you're truly desperate, try freezing the hard drive.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Recovering data off a cor ...

No, I'm not joking; I've got about a 50% success rate. The theory is the contraction of the metal parts allows them to separate from each other, freeing up any stuck parts.

Get a Ziploc bag and a couple of silica gel desiccant packs. Seal the drive and the desiccants in the Ziploc and put the bag in the freezer. You need the desiccants to absorb the moisture that condenses as the temperature drops. Don't try it without them; the condensation will freeze inside the drive.

Leave it in for a couple of hours. Take it out, put it back in your laptop or hook it up to your enclosure, and take a shot at accessing it. This is NOT a permanent fix; your goal is to get it running long enough to get the data off it.

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