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    Recovering deleted domain users??


    by razorren ·

    If an administrator deleted all of 150 user accounts on a Windows NT 4 domain controller, how can it be restored without having to manually recreate all the accounts?

    There is a full backup of the system files for the domain controller. I tried to rename the current nt sam file, but the system won’t let me do that.


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      Recovering deleted domain users??

      by hberkhoff ·

      In reply to Recovering deleted domain users??

      You have 2 options:

      1. Use Repair disk (if created not long ago) and repair the SAM to get your old users back

      2. Do a full restore of your system

      Option 1 is the easiest and the best.
      Option 2 depends on what you have installed further more on your system, e.g. Exchange. Then this would be more complicated.

      If both options are not possible, then take your loss and manually create the lost users.

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