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    Recovering encrypted files in Win 2000


    by tchieng ·

    Okay… let’s say I have a user login ID called “johndoe”. All files in “My Documents” under profile “johndoe” is encrypted. Now I want to join an existing domain. I created user “johndoe” on the domain controller and log in. Win2K creates a new profile called “johndoe.DOMAIN”. So I copied all contents of “My Documents” from “johndoe” to “johndoe.DOMAIN” and delete the profile “johndoe”. Well crap, I forgot to logon locally as johndoe and unencrypt the files first. Now everything under “My Documents” is not accessible while I’m logged under the DOMAIN. The original profile is deleted so I believe the key associated with it is gone? I don’t have a designated recovery agent. I can’t recover these files now no matter what I do or how I set the security features. Anybody have a suggestion? Or know how I can add a recovery agent? And how to obtain these .CER certificate files for the recovery agent? I tried logging on as the administrator locally and it still wouldn’t unencrypted. Tried backing up with MSBackup and restoring it on the domain controller without the security option check and it still won’t let me unencrypt. I’m stuck with an “Access denied”. Anyhelp would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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