Recovering Files

By stu0727 ·
I have installed windows home edition over a currnet windows xp and my files are gone from "my computer" is there any way to uninstall the home edition?. and can i recover my old files.

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No there is not a way to remove the Home version of Windows

by OH Smeg In reply to Recovering Files

As parts of the previous Version of Windows will have been removed.

Now for the tricky part if you had XP Pro Previously installed and you where using the Windows Encrypted File System [green files when you looked in My Computer or Windows Explorer] you have lost the Encryption Key for the Encryption Software and unless you have a backup of it you will be unable to read any of your data ever again. Even if you have the Encryption Key Backed up XP Home doesn't support the Windows Encrypted File System so again this OS will be unsuitable to read any Encrypted Files you have to be using XP Pro. If you have a Backup of the Encryption Key and a M$ Branded Install Disc you can do a Repair/Upgrade Install of XP Pro by following the directions here but you need a Install Disc from M$ not a Computer Makers Recovery Disc.

If you didn't have EFS running previously all you need do is Tale Ownership of the Files by following the directions here


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