Recovering information from a Laptop Hard Drive?

By TehChodja ·
I have a very, very expensive paper weight that killed me when it died a handful of years back. I've always wanted to recover the information from the hard drive.

The only problem is, it was a gaming laptop and the hard drive setup was a RAID-0, which I'm sure was a hardware RAID. I don't have another laptop that supports this on-hand.

Is there a way that I can recover this info? Is there an external enclosure that I might be able to get that will do this? I wouldn't mind keeping the hard drive around for further use after I recover the information.

If I put each hard drive into separate enclosures, will that work if I set them up as a RAID 0?

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USB Cable

by oldbaritone In reply to Recovering information fr ...

I bought a USB cable that will plug into a laptop drive. It wasn't expensive, around 50 bucks with a PS for the drive.

Is it worth risking that much to find out? I was lucky and it worked. You might be lucky too, and the worst would be 50 bucks spent that didn't help.

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by TehChodja In reply to USB Cable

I saw one of those for 20 bucks. I figured it would be worth a shot, and I'll totally look into that when I get the money.

Getting two of them and then raiding them together through the Disk Manager should work, right? I heard something about requiring the same Raid Controller or something for it to work...

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Your only hope...

by cmiller5400 In reply to O:

Would be the same model raid card or some data recovery software. If you can't even afford the $20 for the parts, you certainly are not going to be able to afford the recovery software.


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so this laptop has 2 [two] Sata hard drives in it

by CG IT In reply to Your only hope...

and the laptop SATA controller supported RAID 0 striped.

you want to get data off the drives? do you have both drives? if not your screwed. Data in a striped RAID array is spanned across both drives so you need both drives to get usable data from it.

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by TehChodja In reply to so this laptop has 2 [two ...

It's two IDE hard drives, actually.
And yes, I have both drives. I believe they are both functional as well.

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Laptop Hard Drive as in one?

by dawgit In reply to Recovering information fr ...

If there is only One physical Hard Drive (Two in a Laptop is a bit rare) then you had Software RAID, not Hardware RAID. Hardware RAID would need at least TWO separate Hard Drives.
RAID 0 is the easiest to recover from, especially if it's all on one drive.
If that's the case than another Software RAID software program might just do the trick.
Good Luck.

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Never could understand someone trying to us software RAID on one drive

by CG IT In reply to Laptop Hard Drive as in o ...

and if one of the drives is external, how that would work, lose the external drive, bam the RAID array won't work or boot.

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Makes them...

by dawgit In reply to Never could understand so ...

Feel better?
That nice, warm fuzzy feeling that nice sales rep tried to give them?

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by TehChodja In reply to Makes them...

It's two separate drives connected to one IDE controller. I'm assuming primary and then secondary, and I'm also assuming it was a hardware RAID. It still continued to act as a whole hard drive when I completely dumped XP on separate occasions and rebooted XP freshly.

It's an Alienware laptop, if that helps any.

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well if you have two of them there 2.5 to 3.5 hdd adapters

by CG IT In reply to Lol.

you could stick em in a desktop and possibly pull data off,

might simply try only 1 and see if there's data you can pull off with only 1 drive...

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