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    Recovering Original Created Date on a folder


    by jaguirre ·

    Every time a file is copied or cut to a different location, it’s created date changes.
    I am looking for a way to recover the original created date on a folder or file.

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      by jaguirre ·

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      The original created date never changes …

      by older mycroft ·

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      Every file has the ability to hold onto THREE dates.

      #1 – Originally Created Date
      #2 – Last Modified Date
      #3 – Last Accessed Date

      Your current system is evidently set for viewing either display #2 or display #3.

      Since you haven’t mentioned which particular operating system you are running with, I can only advise the use of a File Manager program such as ‘[b]2xExplorer[/b]’. You can download it from here:

      When you have downloaded this utility, you do not need to install it – it will run from wherever you place it within the directory tree.

      It is a desktop replacement for Windows Explorer. It’s main benefit (apart from being a lot quicker) is that you can display 2 different directories in their own panes simultaneously. This way you can view Source and Destination at the same time.

      Run it and then click on VIEW on the top menu bar, then OPTIONS – where you will be presented with the three options I listed above. 🙂

      [b]*However – I’ve just checked Windows Explorer in XP and you can alter the Displayed File Date in there already. All you do is right-click the header of the date column and choose between ACCESSED, CREATED, or MODIFIED.[/b]

      So there’s no need for a 3rd party application. 🙂

      Needless to say, you will [u]NOT[/u] be able to achieve this if you are viewing Files/Folders in ICON mode – you’ll have to change that to DETAILS mode first. 😉

      [i]Edited for *[/i]

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