Recovering Photos from a Hard Drive

By mintsman ·
The Mobo in my Acer laptop has died. I've removed the hard drive and put it in a caddy. When I connect it to the wifes laptop via usb I can see the 'new drive' it shows as having 2 partitions like 2 separate drives. One has all the programs on it and the other data.
I can access the programs but not the data I presume the photos I want are in the data partition. What do I have to do to open these.

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Assuming the OS is Windows and this is a factory install,

by dldorrance In reply to Recovering Photos from a ...

The photos should be on the first partition, which presumably contains Windows. Look for the Windows folder and inside it look for Documents and Settings folder. In the latter folder you should find some reference to the photos, possibly in Documents or Downloads folders.

I assume the second partition is an image of the original Windows program and came bundled with the computer when it was purchased; it is there to reload a fresh instance of Windows in the case of a disaster. After all, you have a license to use Windows on that computer, so a spare copy is provided.

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Well I'm too assuming that you have some form of Windows involved here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Recovering Photos from a ...

And that you had a Password on the OS.

If that's the case you need to Take Ownership of the Files/Folders. As I don't know which OS is in use here I'll give you the directions for XP which will be a starting point if you are not using XP. :0



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by mintsman In reply to Recovering Photos from a ...

Sorry everyone. Yes the operating system is Windows Vista

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Recovering Photos from a Hard Drive

by Anthony M In reply to Recovering Photos from a ...

There are a few of presumptions
1. It was a default installation of Vista and that you had not changed where the profile was stored, i.e. moved from C: (or the system partition) to the Data partition.
2. That you accepted the defaults for saving the pictures and these pictures ended up in the Pictures Directory under the Users profile
3. That you didn't use any encryption

Once the drive is connected
Then: -
1. Select Computer from the Main Start Menu
2. In the text box marked Search (top right hand corner of File Explorer) type in Pictures and then enter.

The system will do the work for you and locate all folders named Pictures. When you find the one you want click once to highlight the entry and right click, from the context menu select Open Folder Location. This will take you to the containing folder. If it is the correct one you should then be able to copy somewhere else.

Hope this helps.

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