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Recovering Stripe Set Data

By switchoff_b ·
Our video production PC's boot drive up and died on us. Question is can we recover the data that was on the other two hard drives in the system that were in a stripe set? If so, are there any special steps needed to take when i reinstall win2k on the new boot drive? btw, all the drives are scsi if that matters. thanks

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Recovering Stripe Set Data

by Hollomere In reply to Recovering Stripe Set Dat ...

You should reinstall Win2K as normal (in NTFS) then convert the drive to dynamic disk (the others must be dynamic as you have had RAID5 on them).

Remove the old disk from Disk Management that has failed.

If you create a partition the same sizeas what was previously striped on the 2 other drives using Disk Management, then righht click the new disk and choose the option for "Repair Volume" - this should run the "Repair Volume Wizard" to sort out and restripe the data onto the new drive.
Hope this helps!!

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