Recovering the administrator's files after a Windows XP crash

By Dr. Tarr ·
I have a 6 month old HP laptop that recently suffered a serious failure and now will not boot. It is (was) running Windows MCE 2005, and when I set it up it asked me if I wanted to hide the administrators files from the other users. Since I use the laptop for both personal and business purposes, I thought it was a good idea and said yes.

Now I need to send the box back to HP, so I put the drive in my handy dandy external housing to copy off all of the recoverable files, and lo and behold I get a message that tellm me the files that I want cannot be accessed. For all of the Marines out there, this is a bad thing.

Does anyone know how to turn off this file protection? I have tried to find it on the microsquishy site, but their KB just doesn't like me, so it's possible that the answer is right their waiting for one of you highly intelligent and helpful folks to point me to the obvious link.


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You need to take ownership of the files

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Recovering the administra ...

The directions for doing this are here


If you have encrypted then and not just made them private you have a bigger problem but you can recover the encryption keys by following the directions here if necessary



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don't know

by flip_wilson In reply to Recovering the administra ...

sorry, i can't help you out.

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