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    Recovery CD Creation


    by bravelittletoaster ·

    Woking as an administrator with nearly unskilled assistance I need simple ways to restore computer systems. I’m looking for a way to image a computer and set the image to a bootable CD-R. Does Win2k provide a solution?

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      Recovery CD Creation

      by diabetic ·

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      The answer may be fairly close to what you need.

      The produce that we use is Norton Ghost. It allows you to create an image of a drive that can be expanded onto another PC. We burn CDs with the compressed image and a copy of the Ghose executable for each model system we have, and each of the techs keeps a bundle of these CD’s when supporting our bank’s systems.

      We’ve found that rather than troublehoot software issues, it is usually faster and more efficient to simply “re-ghost” a system, since our users keep all their personal files on their assigned network drives.

      We also do this with our new systems right out of the box, we have CD sets with the proper configuration on htem and when we get a new system in , we pull it out of thebox, and throw a new ghost image on it. obviously, the more standardized you are, the better the solution.

      If standardization is not working well for you, you can put your ghost images up on the network and ghost a machine from the network. We do this when we are setting up more than one or two systems at a time.

      The cool part of Ghost is that can redo everything on a system, including the partition, or you can image from one partition to another. you can also set the level of compression.

      Hope this helps.

      Humbly submitted,

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      Recovery CD Creation

      by csmith ·

      In reply to Recovery CD Creation

      This is a second praising of Ghost.
      Get a copy. It will do exactly what you want, and it is cheap.
      Regards, Chris

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      Recovery CD Creation

      by bravelittletoaster ·

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