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    Recovery console


    by gbornstein ·

    Got an error message saying I need to repair a system file…windows\system32\config\system

    I’m able to get to recovery console, but when it asks me wich installation of windows to start up, after I choose the only one displayed (1: c:\windows) by entering “1” and then hitting enter…nothing happens.

    Am i doing something wrong? Alternatively to starting up windows, is there a way to get to a screen like dos in order to copy the file i need from the cdrom?


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      by gbornstein ·

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      Booting into DOS

      by dazeboy79 ·

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      Hold F8 while booting up and select option to boot into DOS. More info here if you need to create a boot cd:

      good luck

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      by rob miners ·

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      by pressing the number 1 and pressing Enter after inserting the number of the windows operating system it isn’t working, a box should appear asking for a password. Are these the steps that you were going to follow.

      How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting

      Dirty CD/DVD’s can skip or just stop playing. For best results, use a CD cleaning fluid and an anti-static cloth made for cleaning CDs. If this doesn’t help you might have to obtain another copy of your CD from Microsoft, or if it’s OEM from the manufacturer but first try it in another unit because some CD/DVD players are more sensitive than others to scratches.

      If you can read it in the other PC use it to create this CD, UBCD4Win and use a43 file manager to manipulate files as per the above M$ instructions.

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