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recovery console install not to C drive

By jimcbb ·
A recent post on one of the Tech Republic newsletters described the procedure to install the recovery console for Win XP. This is a pretty straight forward process, and has been described elsewhere (Mark Minasi Win XP Pro, among others).
Unfortunately, the process described seems to be flawed or incomplete, since the directory, \cmdcons, is installed on the C: drive. I have been unable to discover a way to be able to specify the volume where this directory gets installed. It doesn't work, in my experience, to copy the directory to a different drive (in this case I want it on the drive which is my system drive). Someone pointed out that the boot.ini file needed to be changed, but that was the first thing I did after I copied the \cmdcons directory to the drive. It didn't make any difference. Any thoughts?


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by sgt_shultz In reply to recovery console install ...

you'd have to have the whole os install there, betcha, not just the recovery console. even tho it runs alternatively from a booted cd, can't stand-alone away from the os partition...
imho, it's not a bug, it's a feature.
for 'security'
you could probably monitor the install to find out how the recovery console, uh, shell? knows where to look for the os registrys, it asks you which os install you want to login to
but it would be academic, if i am using that right.
play with what you can Recover with the Recovery Console and it make some sense imho
i always install it when i get xp box my hands with enuf hd space. handy
i haven't read the others articles so forgive if repeating
keep in mind the password you use during the original xp install will be the password for the r.c. from then on out even if you change the admin password later.
The password ends up blank if you don't change it during the install...thx, Bill.

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