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    Recovery corrupted MS Exchange 5.0 Serve


    by abcdenis ·


    I have Exchange 5.0 Server. Some time next problem occured: on online backup process halted with error -1018 (JET_errReadyVerifyFailure). No previous backups available, so I will offline backups.
    How can I restore server?

    If I try restore it (private store) offline using EDBUTIL / ISINTEG utilities, but:

    — “ISINTEG -fix” report of error, but cant fix them;
    — “EDBUTIL /d/r” fixes store, but losts db structure.

    How can save my structure and mailboxes?

    I suggest next solution:
    1. create another Exchange Site, join it wiith existing one
    2. export main directory structure to file
    3. move existing mailboxes to new site
    4. fix main site with EDBUTIL
    5. restore main directory structure
    6. moving mailboxes backwardto main site

    It’s OK?

    Thank you and excuse for my english, please!

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      Recovery corrupted MS Exchange 5.0 Serve

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Recovery corrupted MS Exchange 5.0 Serve

      It sounds like your backups are badly corrupted and my first suggestion would be to check some earlier backups to see if you can find a good one.

      I don’t know whether your solution will work but it is probably worth a try. Before doing it, I would make copies of the dir.edb, priv.edb and pub.edb files and put them in a safe place.

      I would also suggest that you create the new server with the same Organization and Site name. That way, you can move mailboxes using the Exchange Administrator (the move command only works within a site – not from site to site).

      I will be interested to hear if it works and will be glad to write more if you have other questions.

      best wishes!


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      Recovery corrupted MS Exchange 5.0 Serve

      by ejtucker ·

      In reply to Recovery corrupted MS Exchange 5.0 Serve

      A -1018 error indicates that you have a physical checksum error occurring with your disk subsystems. These can be a colosal pain to troubleshoot.

      The first order of business is to confirm that your server is still operational. If your users haven’t been complaining of anything out of the ordinary you should be able to get by this. If they have been complaining you may face data loss. As you don’t have any sound backups we don’t have many options.

      Your idea of creating another site is overkill but along the right idea. You will want to either build another server in the same site and move the users over or you will want to use the EXMERGE tool from microsoft and export all data out. Also review technet article Q152959 to make sure you account for all first server issues before proceding.

      Once all data is off the failing server and the hardware problem is resolved (all disk components have been checked, connections reset, etc). Stop all exchange services. Delete (or rename) priv.edb and pu

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      Recovery corrupted MS Exchange 5.0 Serve

      by ejtucker ·

      In reply to Recovery corrupted MS Exchange 5.0 Serve

      Part 2

      Delete (or rename) priv.edb and pub.edb. Restart the services, which will generate a blank set on databases and remove any database corruption. Then move the accounts back to the original server or reimport the data via EXMERGE dependingon how you moved the data off. Reset any first server components you moved.

      In short the process is…
      1) Make an offline file backup of the server to start
      2) Fix underlying hardware problem
      3) Remove mailbox and public folder data from server
      4) Confirm “first server in the site” issues are accounted for per Q152959.
      5) Stop exchange services
      6) Delete/rename priv.edb and pub.edb
      7) Restart services which will recreate databases
      8) Move first server components back to server
      9) Reimport mailbox and public folder server data
      10) Confirm online backups are operational

      Elton Tucker MCSE ASE
      “Cognito ergo stipendum…”

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      Recovery corrupted MS Exchange 5.0 Serve

      by abcdenis ·

      In reply to Recovery corrupted MS Exchange 5.0 Serve

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