Recovery from Stupidity

By poorbass ·
I had a domain controller running SBS2003 for my home network. The computer died about 4 months ago, and since I never tried to add users, I didn't notice I REALLY didn't have a domain controller. I tried to resurrect it with a new power supply and a new mother board. But it was "dead Jim..." I got a new 64bit machine and installed Windows7 Professional on it. I now have the old drive in the new computer and need to be able to copy the files there to the new machine, but the ACLs keep looking for the domain, which of course doesn't exist. What now? Is there some way to copy the files to the new machine and lose the ACLs?

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Live disk

by TobiF In reply to Recovery from Stupidity

Typically, any version of Windows will try to honor ownership and may give you a hard time.

I'd try try to boot with a Linux live disk with NTFS support. They sometimes may have issues writing to some NTFS volumes, but reading should have chances of succeeding (unless disk is encrypted).

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Depends on what you want

by Bruce Epper In reply to Recovery from Stupidity

If you want to keep the old drive completely intact, boot a Linux live CD and use that to copy the files from the old drive to another location. If you don't care about what happens to the old drive's ACLs, you can right-click on the drive in Explorer, select properties, click the Security tab, add yourself to the list and give yourself full control, propogating changes throughout the entire drive. This option will generally render the drive unusable in the original machine since it will totally screw up the ACLs in the Windows and Program Files directories as well as all of the others on the disk. Use with extreme caution.

THe first option is generally better, especially if you will be attempting to rebuild the original machine without having to do a complete software reinstall.

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