Recovery of HDD not recognised in BIOS

By radders101 ·
Hi everyone, I have a (windows XP) Shuttle XPC
that I transport around the place quite a bit -
last used it with no problems two months ago,
turned it on last night (after another move)
and it refused to boot. The IDE device auto-
detect tool in the BIOS now only registers my
CD-RW drive, and plugging the HDD into a
different desktop also produced no results.
Does anyone have ideas about what the problem
might be (I'm guessing it must have been
dropped/bashed in transit) and/or how to fix
the drive or if its possible to retrieve data
off it (I know I'm an idiot and that in
hindsight an external HDD or DVD burner would
have been a good investment!)The data is not
vital - only personal stuff (eg photos, music,
docs) so I'd only be looking for a cheap
solution! Thanks in advance

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Power Surge?

by TheChas In reply to Recovery of HDD not recog ...

It sounds like the controller board on the hard drive itself has failed.

The if all goes well fix is to get the same model drive and swap controller boards. Most of the time, this is fairly easy to do. You MUST use a ground strap and preferably work on an ESD mat to protect the electronics from damage.

Before taking this step, check and see that nothing has happened to the jumpers or either drive connector. Take a close look at where the power connector leads are soldered to the controller board. If the solder is fractured, you have your source of failure.


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by normhaga In reply to Recovery of HDD not recog ...

You can find the drive by downloading a copy of Western Digital tools and checking to see if WD finds the drive. If it can, then Spinrite can probably fix the drive.

Otherwise, find a drive of the same make and model and exchange the controller board (circuit board with the defective one. If the platter has not been destroyed you will be able to extract the data.

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As well as the above suggestions you

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Recovery of HDD not recog ...

Can send the Drive off to a data Recovery House to have the drive recovered but by your description it's not worth the costs involved.

Typically a Good Data Recovery House will charge you for a Quote to Recover the Data and this is taken off the cost of the recovery. The Last time I looked it cost $900.00 AU for a Quote so save yourself the time & effort buy a New HDD and reinstall the OS and while you are at it buy yourself a spare HDD and a USB Enclosure and use this to Backup all your Data to. It will be cheaper than a Full Data Recovery and you'll have a working system after you spend your money.

Anything else will result in Data possibly being recovered and you still needing to repair your System. If you take the option of changing the Controller Board on the HDD you should consider this just good enough to recover the Data and not a Fix as the unit will not last long and the second drive that you bought may not be any better if you return it's controller card to it. I never expect these to work again so they should be considered as a Throw Away not something for use.


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