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recovery of mails

By itadmin78 ·
an user has an email created in local machine in microsoft outlook. the user has deleted important mails from the inbox and also from the deleted items. now the user wants to get back the mails. is it possible to get back the mails.

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by ajobrien In reply to recovery of mails

It would depend on how the user's Outlook is configured. Is Oulook configured for Exchange or internet mail. If it's Exchange, can you restore from backup? If internet mail and .pst files are backed up regularly, can the user restore an old .pst?

If none of these options are available, I'm afraid the user is out of luck.

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by zaferus In reply to recovery of mails

I'm presuming this is a standalone pop3 account on the system?
Perhaps his mail is set up not to delete mails right away from his ISP side mailbox. Log into his webmail and see if they are there.
If they are important enough possibly the ISP can help him recover, or you can try running ZAR (Zero assumption recovery) and try to get the plain text E-mail content back.
Either way, maybe a good time to look at a backup solution and central storage of essential files.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to recovery of mails

If they are really important and desperately needed yes it is possible but it will involve the removal of the HDD and it's destruction as it will need to be sent to a specialized Data Recovery Company who can perform Forensic Recovery as most likely if the computer has been used the remains of the files will have been overwritten.

The last time I used a service like this the cost was around the 100 K$ AU mark but it did recover 25 Million worth of orders which the user had deleted unthinking.

However there are a couple of other options to try first open Outlook go into accounts and see if Leave mail on Server is ticked if it is all you need do is open a Web page and log onto the ISP with the users account details and you should be able to view any delivered mail provided it hasn't gone above the upper limit so those e-mails will have to be fairly recent. For a normal business something like the last 2 weeks.

The ISP may have a regular DR plan in place and have copies of old through put that they can provide you with but again it will cost as they have to go through their backups looking for specific mail and this can take quite a lot of time.

What you need do is to instigate a good DR Plan and follow it religiously and make the end users follow it as well to prevent this from happening again as the costs involved in recovery are enormous and can be saved with a few $ put aside in a prevention plan rather than effectively wasting money for no valid reason other than someone's stupidity. Any business Related E-Mail should never be deleted under any circumstances as they have the same effect in Law as a Letter and need to be treated as such.


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