Recovery Partition Question

By k.mcg ·
Am I right in thinking that if you buy a laptop/desktop these days with a recovery partition and no recovery disks, that if the hard drive goes, you would need to buy a new copy of Windows to re-install on a new hard drive?

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No, you're not correct.

by Ron K. In reply to Recovery Partition Questi ...

If the computer comes with a recovery partition it's likely that you have to make recovery CDs for your computer to keep handy if you have to recover. On other computers you only have to press the recovery key to enter the recovery option, no CDs needed.

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Thanks, but....

by k.mcg In reply to No, you're not correct.

Assuming it is a new clean hard drive and it the recovery disks hadn't been made, there would be no way to boot into a reovery partition, as the files wouldn't be on the drive anymore?? Am I thinking along the right lines here?
Thanks for the response.

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You're correct in your thinking.

by Ron K. In reply to Thanks, but....

I used Partition Magic on my Dell to eliminate the recovery partition on purpose. I already had a Ghost image of my hard drive, on an external USB drive, in case I somehow hosed my computer.<br>
If your concern is that if your computer gets messed up you will be out of luck I suggest that you obtain imaging software to store an image of you hard drive on a secondary drive or an external USB drive. <br>
I'm a firm believer in backups and I try to convert people into thinking the same way.
If you have $35.00 or so Amazon sells single copies of Acronis Home 2010 imaging software. I just bought 3 copies for the main computers here at home. It'll make my backups much easier than the way I have to do them now. You can still get Norton's Ghost even though Norton quit making it. Ghost works well too.

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by k.mcg In reply to You're correct in your th ...

Thanks for the detailed reply, I agree, the image is probably the best way to go regardles of recovery options. Will probably do that with mine.

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by oldbaritone In reply to Recovery Partition Questi ...
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Well if you don't have the option to make a Recovery Set

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Recovery Partition Questi ...

You can always contact the System maker and buy a Recovery Set from them. Most of the Bigger System Builders sell these for the cost of Postage and Handling, generally somewhere around the $25.00 to $30.00 mark.

But you would have to check with the System maker as to their exact pricing. I always recommend to people to buy a Recovery Set as they simply last longer than Burnt Disc's can possibly last.

With even minimal care they will outlast the computer.


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