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recovery process

By ravi.kumarc ·
how to go abt the recovery process using chkdsk
and are there any other process.
how is recovery console process using the OS cd

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by ReWrite In reply to recovery process

How about a few more specifics? What exactly is the problem and what are you trying to do? What are the pc specs (brand, operating system etc).


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by HereInOz In reply to recovery process

A bit thin on information, but I will have a go.

Assuming Windows XP or 2000. Put the OS CD in the drive and boot from that CD. When Setup has finished loading the files, you will be presented with an option to repair the system with Recovery Console.

Accept that option and it will run Recovery Console. You will be asked to select which installation of Windows you wish to log on to - the usual answer to this is "1" unless you have more than one Windows installation hanging about the place, then press enter.

You will then be asked for your Administrator password - if you don't know this, then you are in a spot of bother, and will need some heavyweight help.

Once you have entered the password, Recovery Console will run, and you then type in CHKDSK /R and it does its job. Well, you hope it does its job!

Does that help?? By the email address, you wouldn't be HP Tech support, would you?



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by Lord Ago 1 In reply to recovery process

Chkdsk would indicate using a FAT32/16 system.
Basically, chkdsk wouldn't work on NTFS(XP,2K) file systems as far as I know. Don't quote me there!!!!! Chkdsk does only a basic scan of the hard drive. Use scandisk instead. You can use it with the /autofix and /surface switches. You can use a floppy or OS CD to boot and use scandisk from there.

Another thing. You say recovery. Are you trying to recover lost files or repair the computer?? If lost files, these things won't help you. You need data recovery software. PC Inspector File Recovery seems to be quite a good one for this. You will need multiple drives or partitions for this to work.Or you could slave the problem drive to another to make this work properly. Yeah, it's free and a simple online search will find it for you.
You really should provide ALL the details when asking questions!!! If you don't, you end up with answers that are WAY off!!!!

Have Fun!!!

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by Blackcurrant In reply to recovery process


You can get CHKDSK to run at boot time by doing thiFor Win95 and 98 boot to a DOS prompt (press F8 when the computer starts and select 'command prompt', then when you see C> type chkdsk then press enter.

If you are running WinXP then you can log in with admin rights, right click My Computer, select Manage, click Disk Management, right-click the drive you want to check, select properties, then click the tools tab and select error checking (phew...). You will next see a message saying the check cannot be made at present and would you like to schedule it to run at the next boot.

Good luck

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