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Recovery Tools

By mnghishekwa ·
I used the following command line to remove temp files and landed up with serious damages

c:\del *.*tmp /s/q

I need somebody to recomend me best recovery tools to get my data back


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If you did not reboot

by LordInfidel In reply to Recovery Tools

Go to
Buy Undelete and have them overnight it.


If you rebooted your machine; the chances of you getting your data back have diminished expotentially with every reboot.

If the latter is the case and you have rebooted your machine, even once, then your data is probably lost. But you can try and send it to a Data Recovery service, but it will cost you. is one of a few reputable places.

FYI- never issue blind del commands. Your best bet would of have searched first for *.tmp thru the search GUI. Then delete the files from there instead of via the command line.

del *.* , no matter what is after the 2nd star, is extremely dangerous.

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by picturethat In reply to Recovery Tools

Ontrack has sever different tools and I have found the to work very well. Even in the case of a failed HD, it still got my database off and saved me.

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Recovery Tools

by Jacky Howe In reply to Recovery Tools

This is a free one. It works in English.

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