Recovery with USB?

By Jaurmy ·
I have a Dell Inspiron 1150 with a dying HDD and a bum CD-ROM drive. I ordered the recovery CD from Dell not knowing the drive was shot. Is there any way to transfer the CD files onto a thumbdrive (2gb so room is not a problem) and install it from there? I know best course of action is to simply replace the drive and HDD, but I just need it to work for another few weeks. Is this do-able?

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You'll need to check inside your BIOS ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Recovery with USB?

To see if your system allows for booting from USB.

Check the boot order (CD, HDD, FDD) to see if USB is included as an option. If it doesn't appear then even transferring the files to the USB will be a waste of your time and effort, since the resultant USB image won't boot.

With today's current prices, you could pick up a replacement CD drive for LESS than the cost of many Thumb Sticks.

However - what are you going to install TO? Attempting to install your OS to a hard drive that is already exhibiting signs of mortality may well be a fruitless task.

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