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Recruiter $$ Offer by Coincidence Matches Your Previous Wage

By LittlrocKr ·
How many of you have experienced this scenario?: A recruiter has a job you might be interested in. He/she asks you to fill out a form and asked how much you were making at your previous job. Like a fool, I told the truth. Two times in the past week, a recruiter has told me that my previous wage just happens to be the same as the job they have on the table. Coincidence? Or is this a common tactic headhunters use to make more profit at your expense? Have you or would you lie and jack up your wage history?

Another question: I found the name of the company that has the job the recruiter is telling me about. Should I try to bypass the recruiter and apply directly? Would there be any consequences in doing this?

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Identify minimums

by road-dog In reply to Recruiter $$ Offer by Coi ...

Yup, you're getting hosed there. They identified what you will work for, not what you want for doing the job.

If a headhunter demands a salary history, tell them to withdraw your application. It works. They want you for the minimum they can buy you at.

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The last time I used

by The Scummy One In reply to Identify minimums

a recruiter, I made the unfortunate mistake of mentioning money.
I was hired at 2/hr. under what I was asking, and then when the company I was working for wanted to buy out my contract, they suddenly gave me a $12/hr raise.
I found out that the company was paying almost $18/hr more than my wage for my services.

In other words, you are going to get hosed. It all depends on how bad the money is needed.
I dont expect the recruiter to work for free or anything. I wouldnt have been upset if they took $5/hr. off. However $18/hr is just ridiculous, especially when the recruiter was informed of what I needed to make to make ends meet and they short changed me from that.

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Thanks for the tip

by LittlrocKr In reply to Identify minimums

That make perfect I hate headhunters even more now!

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Man.... you MUST be working with the Worse Headhunters in the world

by john.casanova In reply to Identify minimums

I can tell you from personal experience - both as being a very successful Recruiter/Headhunter AND as an executive in a Technology firm that any smart Headhunter is going to:

Demand to know your Salary History - without it, how does he know what you're worth. Your Title means nothing and if he/she is relying on you telling him about your skills and experience - that is only telling him/her part of the story. Any smart recruiter is going to ask what your current salary is AND what you want!

Any Smart Headhunter is going to get you as much as he/she can in an offer from an employer. Just because they've gotten you an offer doesn't mean anything. Last time I checked, slavery is no longer legal and you can always say "No" if you are not satisfied with the offer. Any intelligent Recruiter is going to know that the chances of getting you to accept an offer go up with a good dollar figure. Headhunters only get paid if you accept and start the new job. Bad offers get turned down!

Maybe the reason you got offered what you're currently making is because THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE WORTH in the market and, contrary to your inflated sense of self-worth, you're NOT being under-paid!

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Contract or Full time?

by JamesRL In reply to Recruiter $$ Offer by Coi ...

Recruitment for full time positions is usually about getting a percentage of the first year salary of the person placed. So it is in the headhunter's favour to get you paid well.

Contracts are often different - with the employer providing a lump and the agent carves out what they can, then its up to the contractor's skills. Not all contracts are like that, some are percentage as well.


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There are legitimate as well as unscrupulous recruiters.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Recruiter $$ Offer by Coi ...

I've been headhunted and have used the services of headhunters. The good ones take nothing from the recruitee but charge the recruiter(employer) for their services. Never disclose what you are earning and tell the headhunter you are open to salary offers and will discuss those with the potential employer. You'll probably neve hear anything from the unscrupulous type but that won't or shouldn't bother the legitimate agents

{b]Dawg ]:)

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I always...

by jck In reply to Recruiter $$ Offer by Coi ...

make a recruiter give me the salary range of a job (as well as the skill requirements) before I give them any job history including my past salaries.

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Great Idea, thanks!

by LittlrocKr In reply to I always...
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by Eddie N In reply to I always...

Remember: the first person to mention salary, loses. Yes, this economy is tough, but there's no reason to lower your standards. If the recruiter asks you how much you're looking for, counter with "How much is the client willing to pay?" If they continue to press you for a figure, you can tell them that "Salary is just one component of the total compensation package, so what other things are they bringing to the table?"

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