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Recruiter phone calls

By eM DuBYaH ·
I had the most unprofessional, annoying phone call from a recruiter. She sounded young, might have even been new at her job. During the course of the conversation, she kept trying to get me to tell her how much I was making which I replied "I am being paid a wage commensurate with my position." She would not tell my who the client was, nor what the pay range for the position is either. Asked me no less than 4 or 5 times what I was making on my current contract position as a desktop support tech.
When she realized I was not going to quote a dollar figure, she became rude, cut me off in mid sentence, and said she says I would not be a good fit for the position. I ask all of you out there, about your experiences with recruiters - isn't it rude, to ask over the phone, with no previous contact how much you are making, or am I being unreasonable?

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I expect it

by Oz_Media In reply to Recruiter phone calls

While I am evasive to my curren income, i am always mroe than happy to say how much I'll need to make a move.

As for nto telling you who the client was, of course she didn't, recruiters cdon't do that nor ar ethey obligated to.

A recruiter gets a percentage of your wages.

Ex. A company is willin to pay $75K/yr for a enw employee, recruiter cuts a 16% deal. In which case they get paid 16% of your wages for one year. so you don't get the $75K they were offering, you now get $63/K for your first year, the reruiter gets $12K for finding you.

If they told you who the client was, you could easily call that client, work around teh recruiter and offer to work for $70K/yr, you get paid more and the company saves $5K/yr too.

I just ask how much does it pay, base, comissions, car allowance, benefits etc.? In my line of work, the base is important, the rest varies all the time.

Once I know what the base figure is I'll just say it is low or in the ballpark for me.

Recruiters are a waste fo time, 99% of the time, they are useless appendages to decent companies. Find qwork by yourself, if recruiters call just tell them you won't budge for less than a guaranteed $100K/yr (or what your target is).

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She was out-of-line on the line

by robo_dev In reply to Recruiter phone calls

Most recruiters I've dealt with are OK.

If they start pestering on salary, I never tell them what I am making, I tell them what I want to be making, and what it would take to make me move.

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by cupcake In reply to She was out-of-line on th ...

My experience has been mostly positive. However, and like you allude, she may be new at the game or frankly, just bad at it.

I, too, don't like to offer up what I making. Like Robo says, tell them what $$ would make you stay on the phone and talk about it.

And I think I'd let her agency know that she was rude and hung up on you. Word of mouth can make or break an agency, and someone should let her superior know.

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Way Out of Line

by techrimseyout In reply to Recruiter phone calls

She is being really unreasonable. If it were me I would have had her account manager on the phone and asking him if this was common behavior in that company.

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I don't mind answering that question

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Recruiter phone calls

Most of them don't like the answer though.
The unmissable opportunity, missed again.

The questions I mind are

Who hires at your place.
Bug your boss
Recruiters asking for my referees
Bug your referees
What other jobs am I going for at the moment
Offer them a lot of competing candidates

Worse still is when they email you these questions so they can 'update their database'

I do IT because I like it, not because I'm a moron who couldn't get a proper job as a recruiter.

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