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Recruiters are job-hording - time to take back the market!

By -Q-240248 ·
After working with several recruiters for the past...oh...10 years or so, not only are they a frustrating industry and a complete waste of time, but now I have a new description: ROAD BLOCK!

I've had this one recruiter that I've been in touch with now for at least 8 years. You would think she would have some form of loyalty in the least, but I recently contacted her about a couple of positions and she has completely ignored me. That really ticks me off.

The biggest problem today, though, is that more and more real, legitimate companies are using these recruiting firms to hire people. When you go to Monster or CarreerBuilder, all you see is pages full of RobertHalf, Technisource, or whoever recruiting firms.

And then when you apply to any of these positions, you NEVER hear anything back! Are these even real jobs? Monster even tells me I'm a great match for these positions but....nothing! I have an account at Robert Half and I've applied to several positions, and every single one of them have gone unanswered. There's nothing worse than having to go to a site and entering your information into their database, the great black hole where no one ever sees it again unless it's for marketing purposes. Yes folks, your information is being sold. BEWARE! I am beginning to think that a lot of these positions don't even exist. But the main problem is that here are some great jobs that I can't seem to be able to get consideration for, all because of a third party recruiting firm who is nothing more than a roadblock.

It's time we take back the job market and get it out of the hands of these commissioned-based recruiters who have no business (and no experience) selecting good Technical candidates. Remember, they want the highest commissions and will seek the candidate seeking the LOWEST pay! That also means they aren't necessarily looking for the most talented; only the one's who will generate the most $$ to them! That's before you even get presented to the company! This is not fair to us talented IT professionals and I think it's time to do something about it....any suggestions?

Edit: Here's a funny thread about the very subject

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There is a special section of ..

by Shellbot In reply to Recruiters are job-hordin ...

H*ll for Recruiters.

Its my understanding that a good portion of the positions they post are nothing mroe than CV fishing. Get in a good batch of CV's to keep on file.

Everytime I rang one of these idiots about a position, I was always told it "wasn't available" anymore, however, they had a fantastic one for me that I was a "perfect match" for.

The sad thing is, its not going to change. Most companies are happy to use Recruiters to thin out the CV's. They don't want to look through hundreds, so they rely on the recruiters to give them a batch of CV's which has already been pared down to potential canidates.

I wish it wasn't so...
I will be creating a website in the near future which details my hatred for them. Yes, I know its sad, but it will make me feel better...

You may want to contribute to the site in the future?

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I know what you mean....

by -Q-240248 In reply to There is a special sectio ...

A long time ago, I told myself I would NEVER visit with another recruiting firm ever again. Mainly that was because I would go to their interviews and never hear from them again. I mean, c'mon, there's NOTHING wrong with me! But when I moved to Iowa, I thought maybe it would be a little different...for some I tried one just for size: Went to an interview, talked to people who seemed to really care and who really wanted to try and get me a job. Of course, I've never heard from them again. I believe though one time the lady DID contact me about a help desk position. I was livid. Not even a close match to what I wanted: IT Management or Architect., and here they were contacting me about an entry-level position.

BTW, what does CV stand for? Contact Victim?

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by w2ktechman In reply to I know what you mean....

one needs to suck it up and take a short term position though.
And that is what they are looking for. A few years back I got hit pretty hard, unemployed and almost broke. Fianlly one of these places called me back and asked if I was interested in a 3 day position for less than 1/2 of my salary requirements. Since I had nothing else lined up, I took it. A week later they had a 5 day with a small increase in pay. Again I took it just to be working.
These were sh*t jobs, but I really needed employment. Next was a 2-week job, and then a 1 month job. Each were paying a little more, but none were paying enough to cover rent. Finally they found a 3-month contract which met my min. salary requirements. I took it, contract was extended, I got a raise, and finally, the place hired me and I got a bigger raise.

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by JamesRL In reply to Sometimes

I took some short term contracts that didn't pay that well when I was in the search.

It not only paid better than employment insurance, it also provided me with contacts, references, and helped shake the rust off.


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Not really the problem though W2K

by Shellbot In reply to Sometimes

I've sucked it up and taken jobs before..thats not the problem..the problem is the agents themselves!

My life for the past 2 months:
-You get a phone call at 10 am, its an agent, he has the perfect job for you so you spend 20 mins on the cell with him while dodging co-workers so no one can hear you. He is going to email you a job spec in the next hour. He does, and when you indicate your definatly interested, you never hear from them again. Repeat this 3-5 times daily.
- You get a call at 4 pm from an agent you spoke to at 10 am, he hasn't made a note that he spoke to you already and you have to point it out to him. Sometimes it fun to play along, and then about 15 mins into the call he says "did i speak with you this week already?"
-You get calls about awesome jobs that are a perfect match..and then you have to break thier bubble by explaining to them that "no a bit of experience in Javascript does not mean i am perfect for the Java Developer job that requires 4 years servlets experience. Repeat this 2-4 times a day

I could go on..but even just thiking about this drives up my blood pressure..
I know they are not working for me..but they need to treat people with a bit of respect..
They outright lie and withhold information about jobs they are selling you.

I've only dealt with 1 agent in 5 years that I had any amount of respect for...
One day they shall get whats coming to them.


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I understand that too.

by w2ktechman In reply to Not really the problem th ...

last year, I was offered to be submitted for a position that I was certainly not qualified for.
Nowhere on my resume does it list development, programming, etc. But since I was a manager, they wanted to submit me for managing 8 programmers using several different languages. The funniest part was I was told that I did not need to know programming at all, just management.
I had to tell him that I believed that a manager should know the job(s) of their employees in a 'been there, done that' sort of way....

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I lucked out...

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to I know what you mean....

I had a damn good recruiter who thought it her mission to place people, not just fill holes.

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by NickNielsen In reply to I know what you mean....

Curriculum Vitae. Fancy words meaning "resum?." Commonly used in Europe (where Shellbot is) and by Americans who wish to feel better about themselves.

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Recruiters work for employers not for you

by JamesRL In reply to Recruiters are job-hordin ...

As for the comment about the lowest pay, thats wrong actually. When we use an agency, and we have used many different ones, they get paid a percentage of the employees wages as their fee, so it is in their best interest to get a good wage (if they are at all competent).

I've had some good and some bad experience with recruiters. I had a meeting with Robert Half that included one of their biggest customers in the city, who happened to be a former boss of mine who offered to help. Nothing came of it, despite lots of followup on my part.

On the other hand I've had recruiters who have worked well with me. You can bet I use these people now when I am hiring.


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That does seem to be the trend nowadays...

by -Q-240248 In reply to Recruiters work for emplo ...

Getting a percentage of pay does seem to be the latest trend.

I think also that the lower they offer you, the more chance you have at being hired, so there is also at interest getting you hired versus getting more commission. The "bottom-line" may dictate that the more candidates they place, the better, rather than the fewer-but-higher commissions....??

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