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Recruiters, what is their reality and are we a part of it????

By LarryD4 ·
I have always been concerned with the validity and honesty of recruiters when in times like these. I have been involved with hiring in my past three jobs and have seen the number of resumes for almost any IT position jump a 1000 fold.

I recently have been talking to a few firms about moving on from my current position. I am not in a hurry and I know that the market is bad for finding jobs, but this job market is also a boon for the right people. Many times a company will let go higher paying management positions only to fill them a few months later with lower paid people.

This agency posted the position and they were the ones who called me in. This agency interviewed me, talked up a job that seemed to fit my skill set and experience perfectly, and talked about tweaking my resume to fit the company's needs.

Who wouldn?t be excited about a meeting like that?

Now four weeks past the point of the meeting with the firm I haven't heard a thing. So I sent an email to the person who I spoke with, who had said at the end of the first meeting to expect to hear from us with in the month for a possible interview.

Her response to my email was...

The firm is looking for someone with more Law Firm experience.

So I responded,

As you can see from my resume that you have on file, before my current position I worked for a number of law firms as a consultant and for the past six years I have been employed as a senior analyst for the State Superior Courts. So what type of Law Firm experience is the Firm looking for?

BTW, this was a Help Desk Manager Position.

I have no isseus with past employers, I have a great set of references, but I have yet to receive an answer at all to my email.

So I guess what my point is...

Are recruiters/placement companies calling people in for jobs they don?t have?? Are these recruiters/placement company employees trying to secure their own jobs by calling in people just so they can look busy??

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