Recurring Emails

By jus10mar10 ·
I work in Payroll and have to send out monthly emails to remind our employees of various things. Is there a way to create a form that I input dates and titles and they are added to pre-written email?

Such as as the reminder of to turn in time sheets. I could input the day time sheets are due and the pay date into a form. The email would be generated and then I could send it.

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Which e-mail client? <NT>

by Kenone In reply to Recurring Emails
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Email Client, Outlook

by jus10mar10 In reply to Which e-mail client? <NT>

I knew I would forget something. We use Outlook at work.

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They're called Templates in Outlook

by Kenone In reply to Email Client, Outlook
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by jus10mar10 In reply to They're called Templates ...

I have a template set up. What I'd like to have is some sort of form to fill out that makes sure that I don't miss anything.

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Mail merge

by TobiF In reply to Recurring Emails

Although that's not what the developers were first thinking of, but you could use "Mail merge" to create one single letter, which you copy and paste into your mailing client.

Take the mail text you have and paste it into word. Then read about mail merge, create a table in a different document with one column for each variable parameter. (This table may be better to create in Excel, b.t.w.)
Now merge and voil?, you have a new document with the variables inserted.
You may even be able to have the mail merge directly ouput the result to your mail client, otherwise copy the document and paste it into a fresh mail.

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Great minds think alike

by NexS In reply to Mail merge

That would have been my first choice.

Here's the M$ link to the how to.

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