recycle bin corrupt on 1 drive, but ok on others

By str8upMitch ·
In an attempt to streamline my documents, desktop, & file storage locations, I moved some files around, foolishly, and now my recycle bin (when opened from desktop icon) has a message that pops up saying that the recycle bin for / drive is corrupt & do I want to delete it. The recycle bin shows contents, but I'm not sure if they are the contents for all drives but 's deleted files or if they are the C: drive files. From Explorer Recycler on C: is shown, but is faint (like a hidden file). I also don't know if this issue can be resolved simply by moving a file back or mapping something properly. The files that were moved around were document files on my Desktop (C: drive-which I want to be used for Program Files), moved to my /My Documents (which I want to use for my data/document files). The "My Documents" file was assigned to drive, but the files I saved to Desktop were on C: drive. So what I was trying to do is move them to the drive & create a shortcut on the Desktop, to make more space on C:, in their place. I do have backup files, but I am afraid to create a bigger problem if I do anything else. So I want to mess with only the things that I have to. From Explorer C:\Docs & Sett\my user\My Documents none of my documents are there, but I can access them from the drive.

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