'RECYCLER' and 'System Volume Information' strangfolders in winxp NTFS

By mdimran1 ·

I have installed winXP on NTFS partition, many times, from scratch, ERASING HDD completely, zero filling HDD before install, but two folders appear always in root directory( SHOW HIDDEN FILES is enabled )

containing: another folder with a recycle bin icon named :


2) c:\System Volume Information

moreover, same set of folder appears on all NTFS partitions while NOT ON FAT32 on the same machine.

I can't delete/modify these folders, ACCESS IS DENIED

Are they normal part of winxp?

I can find several places this folder's name in registry


but can not delete from registry too, access is denied.

I spent a week of tiresome installation practices.

I doubted these folders with CONFICKER or similar worm,
tested by several antivirus and stand alone tools,
but all report no such virus/worm found on this PC.

When I install XP on FAT32 partition on same machine

'RECYCLER' folder does'nt appear and

'System Volume information' folder, I am able to delete completely provided that I TURN OFF SYSTEM RESTORE ON ALL DRIVES.

But when installing XP on NTFS on same machine, these two folders appear and no way to get rid of them, so i left them as they are and proceeded,


Your Expert opinion is appreciated.

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They are hidden system files

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to 'RECYCLER' and 'System Vo ...

and part of XP. Basically, they are your recycle bins....The 'S-1-5-21-117609710-1390067357-1417001333-1003' is your windows user you make more accounts, you will see more such folders shouw up in the c:\RECYCLER folder. Each time you make a new account & then log into Windows using it, a new recycle bin will be created & a new folder will be created in c:\RECYCLER.

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I am a little worried about you.

by Slayer_ In reply to 'RECYCLER' and 'System Vo ...

Ok, I will ignore the fact that you seem to be crazy and forgot to search google before nuking your HDD's over and over.

Recycler is your recycle bin, plain and simple. You didn't think files just magically disappeared did you? They are moved to the recycler. Every HDD will get one of these off the root. That folder inside is the GUID of your user. Deleted files are seperated on a per user basis (Depending on how you set up your system).

System Volume Information is a folder that contains your system restore points.

Both these folders only have permission to the SYSTEM user. Though if you are admin, you can add yourself as a user.

Deleting either folder will cause system damage!

Now, turn off show hidden files, and back away from the computer, trust us, it's fine.

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RE: turn off show hidden files

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to I am a little worried abo ...

and also put a check in the box next to "Hide protected operating system files [Recommended]"

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A little knowledge is a very very dangerous thing !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 'RECYCLER' and 'System Vo ...

The basis of this thread is one of the best proponents of the danger that I have ever seen.

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by seanferd In reply to A little knowledge is a v ...
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by mdimran1 In reply to 'RECYCLER' and 'System Vo ...

thank u all of you

When I got this confusion( folders ) on my system

1- I already had experienced CONFICKER in my another system. ( another story)

2- I used a spare HDD to work around and play installation mania. Just to confirm the problem.

3- Internet was out of my reach for a couple of days.

Your replies made it all clear.

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