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    Recycler redirection


    by jerry_davis ·

    I need to find out how to redirect the recycler from the domain users profile to the local drive of the client machines. I am using spaceguard for quota management and have the users “my documents” redirected to our file server and need to get the recycler from being sent to the file server.

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      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Recycler redirection

      This topic was fairly well covered in this thread.

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      Reply To: Recycler redirection

      by jerry_davis ·

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      So you are saying that shadow volume copy will move the recycler folder??

      There is nothing in that thread that actually states how to redirect a recycler folder from a redirected path back to the local machine.

      Shadow volume copy, as I understand it, is for clients working off a network share point and not a redirected folder.

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