Red/black graphic on inside of screen - Toshiba Satellite L505

By hallmad ·
Suddenly, this morning when I resumed my 2-yr. old laptop, there was a strange feather-like picture on the screen. It's there whatever is running, and the pointer turns red when I place it under the red, so I assume it must be on the inside of the screen. I restarted-- no help. It dosn't look like anything I've ever seen on my computer--n o pictures, games, other software, so I have no idea what it is or why it's there. Toshiba warranty is long gone, but the Squaretrade should still be in force. What should I do?

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Couple of things to try

by robo_dev In reply to Red/black graphic on insi ...

Connect to an external display, to verify that the same issue does not happen. this will prove it's a display issue.

Find the diagnostic program for your PC and run it. This will also make 100% sure that it's a hardware problem. Most warranty services would want you to do that anyway.

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I would also suggest a Boot Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Red/black graphic on insi ...

To run without your OS running.

Also as you said Resumed I would guess that it was not turned off rather was put to sleep or in Hybernation while it was not being used so turn it off and see if the whatever it is is appearing on the POST Screen. That's the screen that reads Toshiba when you first turn it on. If it's there when you first turn on you have a hardware problem and if it only appears when Windows is running you have a Windows Problem.

If you don't have a Boot Disc you can use the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

http://www.ultimatebootcd .com/download.html

remember to remove the space from between ultimatebootcd and the .com for a working link.

if it's a Windows Problem you can try one of the Rescue Discs talked about here

http://www.techrepublic .com/blog/security/rescue-cds-tips-for-fighting-malware/3803


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