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    Red light on motherboard and bios doesn’t show up


    by sausaininis ·


    Hello, I just finished building my PC but when I power on there is a red light on my motherboard and it is always on. My motherboard is Aorus b450 elite v2. And nothing shows up on the screen no bios. Thank you!

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      Red light

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Red light on motherboard and bios doesn’t show up

      – What does the motherboard manual say about the meaning of the red light?
      – Better try it outside the case with the minimal hardware (PSU, motherboard, 1 stick of RAM, keyboard, monitor). What happens?

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        Red light

        by sausaininis ·

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        Thank you for your advice, I try to look at the manual and see. I also have a doubt because of APU ryzen 3 3200g that it might be a problem and needs a bios update for this motherboard though it has a sticker ryzen 3000 ready ? can’t find the info if it’s compatible just out of the box.

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          If a seller sells an out of date product.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Red light

          Then they get a lot of returns. Call them up and ask them to fix it. Or just RMA and get a board ready to go.

          As to the compatible, that would be the motherboard maker’s site, the page for compatible CPUs which call out which BIOS to use.

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          Red dram light

          by sausaininis ·

          In reply to If a seller sells an out of date product.

          Thank you for the advice. I checked and the red light is for ram. There are 4 slots for ram and only 2 are working so at least I know it’s not ram problem, it should be somethimg with motherboard or it’s slots. But I could at leadt enter the bios and install windows. Still dont know whats wrong and if its really a.mothrboard issue. I have to decide.quickly if return my motherboard or look for.solution. thank you

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        Red Light On Motherboard

        by thebestmotherboard ·

        In reply to Red light

        The vast majority see the motherboard red light, yet they don’t have the foggiest idea of what does it implies? Individuals regularly pose the inquiry, what does the red light on the motherboard implies? we will disclose to you each and everything.
        Motherboards Red Light + No Display
        Motherboards have a red LED light on them that is utilized as notice signs to the client. The Motherboards can have one or different lights on-board to caution the client about equipment disappointment. These lights become red when some equipment isn’t associated effectively or gets undermined.

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      Heat sink

      by naheed mir ·

      In reply to Red light on motherboard and bios doesn’t show up

      Red light means something wrong with the hardware. Please check the CPU for any bent pins on the socket. Make sure that the CPU heatsink is properly seated and also be sure that the heatsink fan is connected to the CPU Fan slot.

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